Five incredible stories of survival set in a dystopian future. You vote for your favorite to become the next novel!


After the Cataclysm nearly wiped out humanity, the remnants of mankind survived in Havens: city-sized constructs built to reboot society and usher in a new age of mankind.


This is a world where an indecisive young man can witness the end of all things. Where a boy's impending death can lead to a new life. Where a young woman's choice to believe in herself may not save her from the truth. Where the naivety of youth can be used for evil. Where taking on that last job might be the worst mistake a desperate hacker ever makes.



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Being the private eye of the future ain't easy. Especially when you got a bad case of amnesia and a good case of stumbling into trouble. But the rent's gotta be paid and booze ain't for free, so Mick Trubble takes cases. When folks find themselves in a particular sort of bind, they don't run to the cops. They find themselves a Troubleshooter.


Whether it's a deal gone sour, recovery of stolen goods, or just a good ol' fashioned revenge job, Mick Trubble is your man. 'Cause trouble is his business. And when business is trouble, then business is good.


Four Shots is a collection of the first four Troubleshooter short works. Forget shaken or stirred; these tales are poured up straight and pack a helluva wallop. 

Coming soon!


The New Haven Saga comes to a dramatic conclusion as Mick Trubble finally faces his past, uncovers dangerous secrets, and faces off against his most deadly foe yet.


Franklin Gamble's entire world is governed by the Sovereign State, where rigid order has replaced the chaos of the past. But his dreams are haunted by visions of a family he can’t remember, and his waking moments haunted by the growing awareness that his world is a fabrication created by totalitarian oppressors who control every aspect of his existence. 

After being contacted by the mysterious Coalition, Franklin is reluctantly persuaded to find the answers that elude him. His pursuit of truth puts him in a duel of wills against agents of the Sovereign, who use the machine of propaganda and the brutal terror of their Dogmen to smother any spark of rebellion. With time running out and his life at risk, Franklin must choose between defiance or submission, a decision that will either further imprison him…or shatter an Empire forever.

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Soldier. Mercenary. Vigilante. Hero.

All Jett Thorne wanted to do was survive the end of the world. Placed in hibernation for over three centuries, he awakens to a country he no longer knows in Neo York, a city that thrives on corruption and violence. A chance encounter with a dying vigilante gives him the drive to do something about the depravity around him. Adopting the mantle of Vigil, he will wage a one-man war on the criminals who prey on the citizens of Neo York.


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They might not want to save the world, but they'll do it if the price is right.

Nimrod Squad is the tale of a crew of dysfunctional outsiders: Cash Murdock, a man that trusts no one except Deejay, his robot assistant. Mateo Lonergan, an enhanced soldier with wide-eyed innocence and lethal combat skills.  Jinx la Fox, a talented hacker with a knack for making powerful enemies. And Happy, a gun-for-hire with scars and secrets from a hidden past. They might be low on gas and low on cash, but when a bounty is posted they're ready to roll.

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Specter is a thief and hustler addicted to Elysia: a virtual reality world where limits don't exist, and he can have everything he desires. But residencies are costly, so he uses his extrasensory talents to core-jack synthetic humanoids and sells them on the black market to pay his rent. Enigma is a Scyther: a former criminal forced to work for Cyber Corp after being enhanced as a super-soldier. A device implanted in her skull keeps her loyal, even when hunting down members of her old team.

When your entire world is synthetic, what does it mean to be human?

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After the end of civilization, the Wild West returns with a vengeance. A lone gunslinger wanders a post-apocalyptic America, dealing out a hard-hitting mix of revenge and righteous judgment.

The man called Gunner has been many things: lawman, soldier, outlaw, fugitive. In pursuit of a Man with Crimson Eyes, he's bushwacked by a gang of bandits. After being robbed and left for dead, he's nursed back to health by a kindly preacher. When he enters a dusty old mining town to get payback, he discovers a community divided by rival factions: the Judge and the Baron. A good situation for making quick money. A bad situation for getting out alive, especially when his preacher friend is caged up in the town square. What begins as a simple mission for vengeance will end in a fiery showdown of biblical proportions.

© 2018 by Bard Constantine. 

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