What is Havenworld?

After the Imperial Wars, the world is poisoned by aberrant energy from a catastrophe called the Skygate Collapse. The event culminates in the Cataclysm, where the majority of humanity is devoured by the fallout. The fortunate survive in Havens, hibernating until it is safe to emerge once more.


But unbeknown to those in stasis, there were far more survivors than anticipated. While the Haven residents hibernated, the survivors fought for their stake in the new world. The United States is barely recognizable, her territories seceded or divided. New tribalism is prevalent, with many divided into warring clans across the wilderness. Lawlessness reigns, as the peace outside the Havens is enforced by mysterious Rangers, who are few and far in number.


Once the Havens awaken, they fight to reclaim order and power, acting as one body of United Havens. But resistance is fierce, and a war of words and shadowy deeds ensues. This is a world of deadly Secret Service enforcers, bounty hunters, and assassins. A world of opulence and filth, where the good die fast and the wicked prosper. But it is also a world of opportunities, a world where a person can achieve the impossible if they move quickly and keep their wits together.

Havenworld will be published in phases: sets of novels that can be read individually or as a set. Most books will spawn their own limited series. Characters will intersect and interact, but the adventures will be self-contained for the most part to ensure a cohesive reading experience. Reading the complete set of books will give the reader a view of the complete picture, but will not be necessary should one choose to follow a particular set of characters or stories. Like the best connected universes, Havenworld offers something for every fan of the genre. In this case, the wide spectrum of science fiction, post-apocalyptic and dystopian fiction. It is our hope you, the reader, will continue to enjoy this exciting venture as it continues to expand.


© 2018 by Bard Constantine. 

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